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1.What’s the material use for...[2016-2-27 16:27:42]
Joy Dragon Inflatable SUP Boards are made of high quality dropstitch material ,with two reinforced l
2.What about size and color?[2016-2-27 20:50:44]
Now we have the size:12’6”,10’6”,10’0”,9’5”,8’5”,8’0”,7’5”,7’1”.The sizeand color can be changed acc
3.What will be included in pr...[2016-2-27 20:52:53]
The package will include :repairing kit(1pc), fin(3pcs).Hand pump paddle are optional.
4.What kind of guarantee you ...[2016-2-27 20:53:27]
We guarantee all the product will be good at least one year; defectiveproducts will be changed by a
5.What’s the MOQ?[2016-2-27 20:53:53]
The MOQ for all the Inflatable SUP Boards will be 20pcs.
6.What’s the Shipping?[2016-2-27 20:54:23]
We can send the goods by air, sea or express depend on the differentgoods and weight; we can arrange
7.What kind of wear and tear ...[2016-2-27 20:54:56]
Besides a small leak or tear you should check around all thevalves and seams once in a while to make
8.How should I store it?[2016-2-27 20:55:27]
Store it in a dry place away from direct exposure to hotsunlight or cold conditions. Deflated and ro
9.How long does an inflatable...[2016-2-27 20:56:2]
The length of time it takes to inflate your SUP will depend onthe type of pump you are using. With a
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